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In-home solutions for patients, managed care organizations, primary care providers & case managers

In-Home Physicians is the answer to all your in-home healthcare needs including:

In-Home Physicians - in home health care in Chicago and Northwest Indiana
Primary Care Medicine

In-home primary-care services are performed by a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. Services are tailored to the patient's needs and his or her medical complexity. In-Home Physicians can be the Primary Care Physician or work in support of the Primary Care Physician.

Podiatric Medicine

We provide in-home podiatric care performed by a licensed podiatrist. Services cover a wide variety of foot ailments in addition to routine foot care to patients with diabetes. Our comprehensive podiatrist examinations are available every nine weeks to those with Medicare Part B, if needed (per Medicare guidelines). Exceptions can be made for emergencies.

Podiatric Medicine
Dietitian Services

The food that we consume becomes vital in supporting a healthy and active lifestyle. In-Home Physicians offers dietitian services to our patients who have been diagnosed with either renal failure or diabetes and are not on dialysis.

Chronic Care
Chronic Care Management

Chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic heart, lung, or kidney diseases, depression, dementia, and others are ongoing medical issues. Addressing these issues requires a partnership between the medical team, the patient, family, caregivers, and insurance provider. These chronic conditions impact the quality of life and are the main drivers when analyzing overall cost of care. Speak with a representative and confirm program eligibility. Enrolled patients have 24/7 telephone access to a care provider. Managed care organizations can expect a notable decrease in admissions, readmissions, ER visits & overall medical spend.

transitional care
Transitional Care Management

In-Home Physicians provides transitional care management, which may be the perfect option for patients who are not usually homebound but who have had a recent hospital or skilled-facility stay and are temporarily restricted to home. Transitional Care Management is tailored to the patient and can help avoid a costly readmission or unmanaged regression.

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