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As the healthcare environment continues to evolve and focus on value and outcomes, In-Home Physicians is your resource for managing your at-risk/high-cost members.

Our In-Home Physicians’ models of care are available and may be customized to fit the needs of managed-care organizations. We are experienced in providing direct patient care, chronic care management, in-home podiatry for those who qualify and dietitians (for members who have been diagnosed with renal failure or diabetes and are not on dialysis). Please call today to see how we can work together to improve care and manage costs for this fragile membership.

  • Decrease admissions

  • Decrease readmissions

  • Decrease ER visits

  • Decrease overall medical spend

  • Improve quality and close gaps in care

  • Increase revenue

Services such as In-Home Physicians have proven to:

In-Home Physicians - in home health care in Chicago and Northwest Indiana
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