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We are your in-home resource for patients who are unable to attend appointments in an office or clinic or have extreme difficulty doing so.

In-Home Physicians can become the primary care answer should you need to discharge a patient or our providers can work in support of you during a time of transition. We can also help you manage high cost/high utilization patients in your panel who have been deemed “at risk” by their insurance carrier or who you realize are high risk due to multiple chronic conditions, frailty or dementia. We can also provide ancillary services such as podiatric medicine and dietitians, should your patient qualify. Please call us today to discuss how we can support you and your practice.

  • Decrease admissions

  • Decrease readmissions

  • Decrease ER visits

  • Decrease overall medical spend

  • Improve quality measures and close gaps in care

  • Improve risk scores

  • Improve quality of life

Home-based services such as In-Home Physicians have proven to:

In-Home Physicians - in home health care in Chicago and Northwest Indiana
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